Essays and Criticism

Ryan Gander – Night in the Museum @ Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

Roger Hiorns @ Ikon, Birmingham

Decalcomania: A Rhizomatic Analogy of the Art Object and its Simulacra – Where is the Precious Essence?

The Gallery that Ate Its Audience – A New Parole in Contemporary Art

Fiona Banner – Scroll Down and Keep Scrolling @Ikon, October 2015

Pavel Pavel Büchler – (Honest) Work @ Ikon, May 2015

The Elasticity of Visual Language

Conceptual Art – A Critical and Historical Overview

Site-Specific Art

Ethics – A Modern Concern, or a Postmodern Inconvenience

Intellectual Properties

Some Mild Peril – Pixel Deficiency & Lost Children

Liverpool Biennial 2014

You Men and Your Holocausts

Modernism – Conceptual Art – Postmodernism

An Historical Evaluation of Lacan’s Passive Sow


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