“Pixel Deficiency” detail


Pixel Deficiency

There are three main groups of Pixel Deficiency:

1. Infant Pixel Deficiency (IPD) is the inability to fully interact with a Stable Systemic Interface (SSI) at a very young age.

2. Juvenile Pixel Deficiency (JPD) is usually the direct result of Infant Pixel Deficiency (IPD) going unidentified and untreated. The Stable Systemic Interface (SSI) begins to reject interaction with the sufferer.

3. Adult Pixel Deficiency (APD) is virtually impossible to treat, and causes Total Systemic Rejection (TSR) of the sufferer. This stage of Pixel Deficiency is usually terminal.

Ways to combat symptoms of Pixel Deficiency:

1. In Non-Systemic Verbal Communication (NSVC), the word “like” MUST be used as a conjunctive at all times.

2. “Guys” is the preferred term of address when engaging verbally in the plural outside of the Stable Systemic Interface (SSI).

3. Pixel Supplements can help to facilitate a healthy interaction with a Stable Systemic Interface (SSI).

Brought to you by Your New World Order©. Because you wanted it this way.


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